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Color Gold Bracelet
Don H. Johnson
14K Rose, white, yellow and green gold with antique watch fab
$1080 SOLD

Bracelet Grouping Vine and Trellis Series
Kim Maitland
14K & 18K Rose, white, yellow and green gold
A. $2200
B. $3200
C. $5400
D. $7825
E. $2925
F. $4800

Galaxy Pendant

Galaxy Series Pendant

Kim Maitland
14K Palladium white gold chisel cut (coin edge), hammer textured, 14K yellow gold with three Diamonds, .12 ct. total weight, shown with oxidized sterling silver chain. $1680

Cognac Diamond Tree
Kim Maitland
14K & 18K Rose, white, yellow and green gold; .25CT Diamond

Czarina Pearl Earrings

Czarina Series; Pearl Earrings

Matchless lavendar/pink bronze baroque pearls with pink sapphires; 14K Palladium white gold and rose gold.

Prices may vary dependent on market fluctuations in the cost of materials. Please call the store for prices.

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