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Wedding Rings

Click on ring selection to see larger photo, price and description. 

water and leads wedding bands
cubist wedding bands
#1. Water and Leaves

A. Water and Leaves series 6mm wide 18K Palladium white gold with 18 K yellow gold applique embossed and chisel cut; 5 flush set Diamonds, .20 cts. total weight Diamonds, without guard rails. $2340

With 18K yellow gold guard rails, satin finish, (as shown in picture) 2x15mm. $2990

B. Water and Leaves series full round 14K yellow 3mm wide 14K Palladium white applique, embossed and chisel cut, 9 flush set Diamonds. $2065

#2. Cubist

A. Cubist series 8mm wide 14K yellow gold with 18K Palladium white gold applique with .16 ct. Princess cut Diamond. $1935

B. Cubist series 6mm Palladium white gold with 18K gold applique with .05 ct. Princess cut Diamond. $1895

two textured rings
Starry Nite Wedding Set in Diamonds or Sapphires
#3. Two Textured Wedding Rings

A. This ring is 10mm wide x 1.5mm 14K paladium white gold chisel cut, hammer textured and embossed on one side with a floating bar of chisel coin edge white gold in center capturing round brilliant diamonds, .35 cts total weight SI, G color in chisel cut white gold bezels; other side is 14K yellow gold with ballpeen and dapped surface; satin finished with patina/oxication antiquing.
Price: $2875

B. This ring is 10mm wide. The yellow gold side is ballpeen and dapped with a floating sterling chisel coin edge interior bar framing square and round diamonds set in white gold with a 2mm thick sterling silver opposite side heavily chiseled and hammer textured; satin finish with patina/oxidation antiquing.
Price: $1765

#4. Starry Nite Fitted Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

Starry Nite series fitted set in Diamonds or Sapphires;
Right: 14K Palladium white gold bands with 5 flush set Diamonds (.07 cts total weight), chisel cut with patina; 14K brushed yellow gold band with .20 ct. Bezel set Diamond , 9mm x 1.5mm thickness.
Left: Same in Sapphires.
Price: In Diamonds or Sapphires, $2700

See alternate view of Starry Nite wedding rings.
Simpliciity rings

Click on image to see larger photo. 

#5. Simplicity Series Wedding Rings

A. This ring is 6.5mm x 2mm 14K palladium white gold tapering to 5mm towards the back. SA centrally set 18K bezeled .70 ct. AAA fine blue diamond cut sapphire recessed into band with six flush set diamonds, 3 to each side, totalling .18 cts in a brush finish.
Price: $2680

B. Guard ring set 2mm x 1.5mm 18K yellow gold framing set.
Price: $650

C. This band is 5mm x 2mm palladium white gold with inset 18K yellow framing bars to each side of a .33 ct SS clarity, F color round brilliant diamond in an 18K yellow parital bezel set.
Price: $3035

D. This ring is 5.5mm x 2mm 14K palladium white gold with an 18K yellow bezel set .35 ct round brilliant diamond centrally set and recessed into band.
Price: $2625

E. Guard ring set 2mm x 1.5mm 18K yellow gold framing set.
Price: $650


Starry nite series - 4 rings

Click on image to see larger photo. 

#6. Starry Nite Series Wedding Rings

A. "Starry Nite' Series: This ring is 5.5mm x 2mm 1/2 round 18K yellow gold. An 18K white gold bezel sest .41 ct SS clarity, G color round brilliant diamond is flanked by .15 cts. of flush set diamondes, three to each side, with a satin finish.
Price: $3150

B. 'Starry NIte' Series: This band is a 3mm x 2mm half round 18K palladium white gold with five flush set diamonds .06 cts total weight, satin finish.
Price: $780

C. 'Simplicity' Series: This band is 5.5mm x 2mm tapering to 3.5 x 2mm at the back, with three 18K white gold bezel set diamonds recessed into the band, total wieght .33 cts SS clarity F color, satin finish.
Price: $2165

D. 'Starry NIte' Series: This band is 3mm x 2mm half round platinum with seven flush set diamonds total wight .16 cts, high polish.
Price: $1935


Prices may vary dependent on market fluctuations in the cost of materials. Please call the store for prices.

All diamonds are from non-conflict areas. Certification available.

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