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own and operate Creative Metalsmiths, an all metals gallery since 1978. Both are metalsmiths exhibiting nationally in shows, museums and galleries. They have taught at Peter's Valley Craft School, Duke University Crafts Center, New York Jewelry School, All Of Us Community, Grinch Art Barn, as well as numerous demonstrations. With over 50 years combined experience both have been recipients of awards and grants including the Mint Museum of Art Bi-Annual and Ford Foundation.

"Over twenty five years ago I became fascintated with metalsmithing as a source of self-expression. Each technique I have learned becomes another color to add to my palette of choices. Each piece of finished work becomes a stepping stone to the next, but without the public's patronage I could have never taken this journey. Thank you."

Education: Don attended Lees McRae College and Milligan College. He studied "Direct Sculpture" with Alfie Darrow at Woodstock, NY, "Blacksmithing" with Bob Bergman at Blanchardville, WI, "Sand Casting" with Don Drum at Penland School, NC, "Basic Jewelry" with William Taylor in Chapel Hill, NC, "Jewelry" with Sandra Zilker at Penland School, NC, "Electro Forming" with John Satterfield in Greenville, NC, "Forging" with Jim Meyer at the McGruffy Art Center in Charlottesville, VA, "Shell Structure" with Heiki Seppa at James Madison University in VA, "Etching" with Mary Ann Scheer, at Duke University, NC, "Niello" with Phillip Fike at Wild Acres, NC, "Line Inlay" with Gene Pijanowsky at Wild Acres, NC, "Hollow Core Casting" with David Freda in Chapel Hill, NC, "Repossage" with John Cogswell at Wild Acres, NC, and "Hydraulic Die Forming" with Robert Pfuelb at Wild Acres, NC.

Awards: He has won the Lynn Hope Shank Cash Award, Va. Beach Boardwalk Art Show, Va.Beach, VA, the R.J. Reynolds Cash Award, Richmond Craft Fair, Richmond, VA and the Wilkerson Cash Award, Richmond Craft Fair, Richmond, VA.

Instruction: He has taught "Alloying, Inlays and Mosaic Sheet" and "Mosaic and Married Metal Patterns for Wedding Band" at the Peters Valley Craft School in Layton, NJ, "Beginning Jewelry" at the Duke University Center, Durham, NC, demonstrated "Hot Forge Bronze" at Penland Craft School, NC, and demonstrated "Blacksmithing" at Nags Head, NC.

Exhibitions: He has exhited extensively including at:

  • Rhinebeck, NY ACC Show
  • West Springfield ACE Show
  • Baltimore ACE Show
  • Smithsonian Craft Show
  • Piedmont Craftsman's Guild Shows
  • Carolina Designer Craftsmen's Guild Shows
  • "Piedmont Craftsmen Artist of the Month" 2/98 Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Instructors Shows and Exhibits at the Peters Valley Craft Center, Dunmar Gallery, Layton NJ
  • Aaron Farber Gallery Shows, "The Earth's Bounty," Silver and Gold," "Diamonds," Urban Glitter,"
    "Souvenirs of New York," "High Karat Gold," "Christmas Expo," and "The Ear Expo"
  • "The Wedding Band Show" Nancy Margolis Gallery, Portland, ME
  • North Carolina Societ of Goldsmiths Traveling Exhition
  • "National Invitation Valentine Show" at the Nussbaum Gallery, Millburn NJ
  • "The White House Christmas Ornament Collection" in Washington, DC 1993
  • "NC Crafts Invitational," East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
  • Sawtooth Center for Visual Design Shows, "Heavy Metal," and "Metal Media", Winston-Salem, NC
  • Mint Museum of Art Shows, "Southeastern Biennia," "Bienniel Exhibition of Piedmont Crafts,"
    and "Christmas Invitational," Charlotte, NC
  • "Jewelry Invitational," The Privet Collection Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
  • "The Eighties," Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
  • "Heart's Desire," Urban Artifacts, Greensboro, NC
  • "Collector's Choice," Greenhill Center for Art, Greensboro, NC
    "Images Gallery Group Show," Images Gallery, Ketchum ID
  • "Gold Reflections," Capon Gallery, Blacksburg VA
  • "Fine Art Invitaitonal," J.Noblet Gallery, Sonoma CA
  • Langman Gallery Shows, "Art Jewelry," and "Mother's Day Show," Willow Grove PA
  • Piedmont Arts Association Gold Exhibition, Martinsville VA
  • "Carolina Designer Craftsment Guild" Traveling Exhibition
  • "Southeastern Contemporary Metalsmiths" Traveling Exhibitions, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte NC
  • "Fish," Wesley Foundation, Chapel Hill NC
  • "Erotic Jewelry Exhibition," Froee-Johnson Metalsmiths, Chapel Hill NC
  • "Sci-Fi Show" New Morning Gallery, Asheville NC
  • "Crem de la Crem," Body Craft Gallery, Winston-Salem NC

Don also plays guitar and sings in the Off The Road Band, a NC Piedmont band
which plays originals and traditional tunes in a folk-rock-blues-swing-grass style. Check it out here.

"Working with metals emobodies a special combination of self-expression, sculptural and mechanical elements that I find incredibly rewarding."

Education: Kim received her BFA from Syracuse University in 1979. She has studied "Enameling" and "Granulation" with Jean Stark, at Wild Acres, NC in 1991 and 1993, "Hollowcore Casting" with David Freda of the NC Goldsmiths Guild in 1990, "Niello" with Phillip Fike of NC Goldsmiths Guild in 1992, and "Hydraulic Die Forming" with Robert Pfuelb, at Wild Acres, NC in 1995.

Awards: National Merit Scholarship Award, Syracuse Printmakers Award and a Ford Foundation Grant.

Commissions: She was commissioned for sketches by the North Carolina Arts Council for Medal for Vietnam Dead at Arlington Cemetery.

Instruction: She has taught "Alloying, Inlay and Patterned Metals" and "The Wedding Band" workshops at Peters Valley Craft School in Layton, NJ, "Beginning Metalsmithing" at Allofus Community Workshop in Rochester, NY as well as at the Art Barn in Greenwich, CT, and a seminar at the New York Jewelry School.

Exhibitions: She has exhibited extensively including at:

  • Carolina Designer Craftsmen Traveling Exhibition
  • Rhinebeck, NY ACC Show
  • Rhinebeck National Show
  • Baltimore ACC Winter Market
  • Green Hill Center for Arts,
  • Langman Gallery
  • Piedmont Craftsman Guild Shows
  • Capone's Art Gallery, Richmond VA
  • "Southeastern Biennial" Mint Museum Show, Charlotte NC
  • The Aaron Fager Gallery Shows NY, NY, "Gems of North America," "Urban Glitter,"
    "Silver and Gold," "Diamonds," "The Earths Bounty," and "The Ear Expo"
  • "North Carolina Invitation" Show, Jenkins Fine Arts Center, East Carolina University
  • "Hearts Desire" Urban Artifacts, Greensboro, NC
  • "The Private Collection" Cininnati OH
  • "Heavy Metal" Invitational, City Artworks, Charlotte, NC
  • Instructors Shows and Exhibits at the Peters Valley Craft Center, Dunmar Gallery, Layton NJ
  • "The Wedding Band" Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton NJ
  • "The Wedding Band Show" Nancy Margolis Gallery, Portland, ME
  • "Piedmont Craftsman Artist of the Month Show", Winston-Salem, NC
  • "North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths Exhibition", Pinehurst, NC
  • "Artisans Gallery Invitational" and other American Craft Council Shows


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