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According to the artist, the works in this exhibition mark specific times and places connected to personal experiences of the artist. While the actual experiences that prompted the making of individual pieces are not revealed to the viewer, the origin of the body of work is hinted at in various ways. There is a reference to the passage of time through the form and treatment of materials, colors, and the titles of the pieces. Many of the pieces displayed feature organic and natural forms that imitate leaves and vine tendrils. Beautifully made, these forms are fashioned using precious materials, typical of the jeweler's art, including gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and various other metals and gems. Meyer has referred to these works as "visual postcards," and has carefully created naturalistic-looking settings around his jewelry, all of which he then places in small boxes framed like miniature pictures, reinforcing the idea of a visual postcard. In doing this, it becomes clear that Meyer has thought seriously about jewelry's traditional role, about how it functions both on and off the body. Inherent in these works and the presentation format, is a desire to expand the way jewelry functions. It is an attempt to give to jewelry a deeper role than to simply adorning the body.


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