Laurel Karnecki Desert Rose Necklace

Desert Rose Necklace. An elegant eye catcher with natural subtlety. Two amazing dressy sparklers face off here only to succeed in complimenting one another perfectly. Drusy is a natural crystal surface that’s formed over a base stone, often agate. A lot of drusy on the market these days is either dyed or coated, but these two are all natural, the colors and shimmer you see in the stones is the work of nature and nothing else. The setting is completly hand built in all sterling and fine silver. A hand formed branch grows up as if coming from the grey drusy and reaching out toward the peach druse. The overall setting measures 1 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ and hangs on a nice weight round link chain. Chain length 18.5. $495

All of Laurel Karnecki’s diamonds are conflict free and all metals are recycled.

Prices may vary dependent on market fluctuations in the cost of materials. Please call the store for prices.